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From humble beginnings to the inception of our construction business, Mountain Side Creative Group was born out of the desire to provide custom made homes and furniture pieces to Canadians nationwide.

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The house of your dreams brought to life

The construction of an entirely new building is undeniably one of the biggest ventures that can be taken on as an individual, partnership or business. Ensuring that you select the right experts to build your new building is the most important step as it could be the difference between an immense failure or your dreams being brought to life. 

From modern homes to traditional builds to even log cabins, Mountain Side Creative has the experience and knowledge to construct just about any structure you can think of. Our team has built dozens of homes starting from just a dirt pad and has undergone the process of building a home from the ground up to a home that complies with plumbing, electrical and structural regulations. Our experience with so many various clients and builds, has granted us an incredible edge when it comes to constructing new builds as there isn’t much that our team hasn’t seen and overcome.

Our team specializes in the follow home build designs:

  • Single family homes
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Log Cabins

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    Single family homes

    Have you always dreamt of designing your own home for your family? Look no further than Mountain Side Creative to help bring your very own home to life. From plumbing to electrical to framing to drywall, our team can handle all of the various tasks required to take your build from point A to point B.

    Apartments and townhouses

    Are you a large scale contractor or investor seeking to partner with an organized group that has worked on a wide variety of apartment and townhouse operations? Our experienced team is at the ready to assist with the completion of your projects where we will ensure you finish project deadlines on time.

    Log cabins

    Have you been dwelling on hiking out of the city and setting up a life on a far away piece of land for years? It might be time to stop dwelling and to finally set up your own log cabin. At Mountain Side Creative, we consider our ace in the deck the capability to craft log cabins from scratch and have done so for a range of clients already.

    Trust your project in the hands of the experts.