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From humble beginnings to the inception of our construction business, Mountain Side Creative Group was born out of the desire to provide custom made homes and furniture pieces to Canadians nationwide.

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Reimagine your home

You know that feeling of when you pass by the same room of your house as you reminisce about all the changes you could add to give your house a fresh new look? The fact is, it may be time to finally give your house the facelift it desperately needs to give it a fresh new sparkle. 

Regardless of whether you are thinking of redesigning a new part of your home such as adding more square footage through the addition of new rooms, having a room repainted or reframed or just need an old piece of furniture touched up – our team of experts have the know-how and expertise to get the job done.

Our team focuses primarily on providing residential and commercial remodeling services for a wide variety of businesses and clients but typically focus on households, apartments, hotels and schools to name a few.

We stand by the fact that Mountain Side Creative follows all regulations outlined by the province of British Columbia to ensure that all the appropriate permits are pulled to ensure safety compliance for our workers and everyone living in the household/apartment/etc. Let’s face it, while renovating your household can be extremely exciting, it can also be a huge headache once the construction process begins. Our pledge as contractors is to ensure you have no worries when you choose Mountain Side, which includes an efficient, transparent and friendly experience from beginning to end. 

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